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Logos and Branding

With 15 Years of Design and Consulting experience under our belt; who else would you trust to Build Your Brand

Flyers and Posters

We carry a wide range of Contemporary Modern Designs to suit your need. 

You Name It, We'll Create It The Inspired Way

From Concept to Rollout we've got you covered. 


Whether you're launching a Start-Up, Re-Branding an existing Business or just looking for that, "THIS IS IT" feeling from a Business Card, Flyer, Sign, Poster or Logo, you have entered the right place.

At Inspire Graphix Studio Company; our Name is Synonymous with our Work. We Design By Inspiration that in turn Inspires. That's our Brand!

With fifteen plus years experience in the Creative Industry, we Pride ourselves by our Principles and our Guarantee.

What are these principles you may ask?

Intellectual Property Security: We do not copy. 


Concept Prototype: You own what you pay for. Once we complete any Identity Design and you pay for said design; It Belongs to you Alone. We will NEVER redesign your concept for another client. 

Your Brand Is Safe With Us.

So why not Trust Us with Your Business!

From Concept To Roll Out, We've Got You Covered!

Omarion Tsoiafatt

President/Creative Director

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Omarion Tsoiafatt            Aneisha Tsoiafatt

Creative Director                                      C.E.O            


In 2007 I hired a gentleman to make a Sign for a Cyber Café I started. I had absolutely no idea what was Graphic Designing. I expected to have to go to the Hardware Store to buy Board and Paint to do this signage. The gentleman I hired, then said to me, "that's not what I do. I am going to make your Sign right here on one of your computers and take it to print on vinyl and hang it to the front of your store".